Vehicle Tracking

Coastal Car Hire offers a web based state-of-the-art vehicle management and tracking system, that allows gives you a birds’ eye view of vehicle usage and movement. Using GPS the vehicle tracking software calculates the quickest and most economical route to the required destination. Knowing that they are monitored, drivers are more self-aware and cautious and are far less likely to have a collision that could cost the company money for repairs or even vehicle replacement if it is a write-off. The system also logs any potentially bad driving habits that could be bad for that vehicle’s health. This type of tracking puts the employers and managers back into the driving seat by giving them more eyes on outgoing business, more knowledge and more control.



  • Live status report, map location tracking.
  • Ultra-Sensitive GPS, GSM communication using GPRS & SMS.
  • Driver performance (hard breaking, over speeding alarms).
  • Double immobiliser, driver ID tag (optional).
  • Live online map tracking, monitoring and recovery anywhere in Namibia.
  • Vehicle service and maintenance reminders.

Benefits for Customers:

  • Cost reduction, fuel and maintenance savings.
  • More efficient driving (driving styles are monitored – speeding, over revving and harsh braking). Improved routing.
  • Reduction in unauthorized trips during working days and unauthorised private use – over evenings and weekends.
  • Time sheet corroboration. Higher visibility discourages fraudulent over-time claims.
  • Reduced accidents/Insurance cost savings
  • Better insurance premiums may be negotiated because stolen vehicles can easily be traced, remotely immobilised and quickly recovered.
  • Increased Productivity and efficiency.
  • Real-time visibility of worker availability discourages excessive non-productive time.
  • Allows a greater number of jobs to be achieved with same number of resource.
  • Improved Service Levels, Call-out response.
  • Proof of service.
  • Improved competitive edge.